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May 9, 2016 New Forum etc.!
I was sadddened to see that that old forum has vanished, such a great wealth of information by fantastic people. I much prefer forums to facebook groups for many reasons. Let's create a new community here! The forum is Tapatalk enabled. One you have the app installed, just do a Search for Broadcast I have lots more to add to the site, so patience please, I know this project of mine was put on hold a long time ago, but it's time to get it going full steam now. I have lots of archive material to add to the site from previous sites. I will be slightly re-doing the site so that it can be used easier on mobile devices. Here is Cyberpainters Facebook Group if you want to check that out too!

March 2, 2015 Broadcast vinyl to be re-issued
They will be released by Warp.

Six Album Vinyl Bundle. Included are:
‘Work & Non-Work’ 1 x LP in printed inner sleeve in printer outer.
‘The Noise Made By People’ 1 x LP in paper inner in gatefold sleeve with 12” size booklet insert.
‘HaHa Sound’ 1 x LP in printed inner in tip on style outer sleeve.
‘Tender Buttons’ 1 x LP in printed inner in printer outer sleeve.
‘Future Crayon’ 2 x LP in printed inners in printer outer sleeve.
‘Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age’ 1 x LP in paper inner in printed outer sleeve.

Also included is an extra 10” x 10” Broadcast booklet, featuring album artwork as well as an instant MP3 download of all 6 albums

Estimated Shipping: 09.03.15

February 15, 2012 New Broadcast album and soundtracks
James Cargill Working on New Broadcast Album with Trish Keenan Vocals Recorded Before Her Passing Cargill Discusses Plans for a Broadcast Album and Soundtrack in Under the Radar's 10th Anniversary Issue Nov 23, 2011 By John Everhart Photography by Wendy Lynch Redfern

Despite the tragic passing earlier this year of vocalist Trish Keenan, Broadcast's remaining member James Cargill is working on both a new Broadcast album and a soundtrack, utilizing vocals recorded by Keenan before her death.

Under the Radar's 10th Anniversary Issue features an exclusive new interview with Cargill, in which he discusses the tragic passing of his romantic partner and bandmate Keenan for the first time publicly. In the article Cargill also reflects on the band's 2003 album Haha Sound, and gives insights into the direction the band was taking prior to Keenan's death, and what may become of the in-progress recordings. He also reveals that he's presently working on the soundtrack to the Peter Strickland film Berberian Sound Studio which he also began work on with Keenan.

During the interview he told us, "Trish left a lot of tapes, four-tracks and stuff, and I've been going through those. It's difficult, and I'm connected to it at the same time. It's wonderful, but I'm also feeling a sense of loss." After revealing that some of the tapes he'd come across were the nascent sketches for Haha Sound, he also suggested that he may consider compiling those for release at some point in the future, simpling stating, "I think that would be a wonderful thing."

Source: Under the Radar